Fingerprinting assaults are methods for recognizing people by some sort of characteristic of their online movement. In a few ways, fingerprinting assaults are the most hazardous and troublesome sort of de-anonymizing dangers to safeguard against. I need to highlight one feature of fingerprinting that is utilized by numerous web administrations and associations: screen determination following.

As a rule, you have a portable workstation with a local screen determination. This could be 1024×768, or 1900×1024, or some other mix. These resolutions point to the make and model of your portable workstation itself. The Macbook Pro for the case has a local determination of 1280×800. While there are numerous different portable workstations that run a comparable determination, you have contracted down the greater part of the conceptual frameworks that could associate with that of a framework with that determination. Envision what a criminological agent could do with this data.

This is significantly more unsafe on cell phones, for example, Android. Every maker discharges new telephones and tablets with various determination, these are frequently exceptionally odd screen resolutions, making them extremely interesting to that telephone time. There are many locales that give this data to you:


There are two sorts of fingerprinting; latent and dynamic. Dynamic fingerprinting assaults are normally held to those that are gathering data about your system movement and do an optional relationship. For instance, if a foe were running different way out hubs, they gather the rundown of locales every circuit associates with and tries to correspond that to a particular client.

Dynamic assaults will control or infuse an identifier into your activity – a recognizing treat or malignant JavaScript that when executed tries to gather distinguishing data about your searching surroundings.

This is not another disclosure, the EFF has highlighted this issue by making the Panopticlick project. This mimics assaults that go for fingerprinting your program, its modules, textual styles introduced, and so on. This is like the BrowserSpy project.

Screen Resolution

While we’ve discovered approaches to safeguard ourselves against an assortment of assaults (e.g. disabling so as to identify the modules we have introduced JavaScript), safeguarding yourself against following your screen determination turns out to be more troublesome. You ought to note here that screen determination is the real determination of your PC screen, not only your program window.

Here’s a basic JavaScript example that does that

<a href=”javascript:alert(‘Your resolution is ‘+screen.width+’x’+screen.height);”>Screen Resolution Example</a>

Defense Measures

There are several methods for guarding, let me go over a few potential outcomes:

  • Crippling Javascript: CSS (AFAIK) does not have a method for distinguishing your screen determination.
  • Resizing your program window: Sometimes assaults don’t read screen determination, yet just window size.
  • Changing your screen determination: This is frequently troublesome however by picking a screen determination that numerous different clients might have, would guard against fingerprinting. The Liberte Linux conveyance is the main framework I’ve seen that naturally does this by driving the screen determination of 800×600.
  • Outer screens: If you are on a portable PC, and have an outside screen around, it may be conceivable to have its determination give rather than your tablet screen. Note here that distinctive working frameworks handle this quality in various ways. Some annex the width and stature of both screens to one another.
  • Changing the JavaScript motor: This arrangement has not been done all the time and is viewed as a security hazard, however, there is a plausibility that another custom JavaScript motor could give back an alternate worth than your genuine determination.
  • Virtualization: If you are running your mysterious surroundings within a virtual machine, you can progressively change the determination effectively by resizing the window of the VM.

There are distinctive circumstances that regard diverse resistance. In the event that you keep running into a site, you require access to that requires JavaScript, you’re not going to have the capacity to impair it. The same applies for the program window trap if the administration is distinguishing Screen.height instead of Window.height. Going into your screen settings and changing your screen determination may work, yet it’s really lumbering. The virtualization alternative is exceptionally conceivable yet requires that you are running virtualization programming like Virtual Box.

Real-World Attacks

One case of programming intended for fingerprinting is Juniper’s Webapp Secure. It is a device that will unique finger impression a site’s clients in light of an assortment of measurements; one of which is your PC’s determination. Thusly, they can track their searching background over different sessions with no treats.

Applying to Registration

Screen determination is only a solitary characteristic that can be keyed on however I find that it is dependent upon the regularly amid web supplier enlistment forms. This might be on the grounds that the suppliers don’t trust that anybody would experience the progressions of changing their screen determination – I’m not certain. In any occasion, by just changing your screen determination, you can undoubtedly enlist without the shame of anything you have done in a past session conceivably fingerprinting you. This alongside clearing your treats, associating with an alternate IP address, and potentially controlling the textual styles that are introduced on your PC will let you sidestep the enlistment process…. sometimes.


In the case of nothing else, I give this as an update that your screen determination is regularly a hard-coded, profoundly identifiable worth you ought to effectively safeguard against spilling to obscure gatherings. While not as recognized as saying something like your MAC address, it remains an exceedingly inferable quality. Envision a situation where a foe is connecting the online action of somebody going by a website with a determination of 1870×1300. Regardless of the possibility that you’ve safely eradicated your framework before a legal examiner has arrived, they will have the capacity to effectively see that your portable workstation’s screen determination is 1870×1300. Furthermore, in light of the fact that this determination is exceptionally abnormal, it’s a basic stride to make the connection between’s your portable workstation and its movement.

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